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You’ll fall in love with Bobbie and the many other endearing characters in this children’s picture book. Bobbie is challenged by a special attribute that defines her personality, and propels her to spontaneously follow whatever may interest her at the moment - leading her on adventures encountering interesting people and places. You might say she is extraordinarily creative and somewhat impulsive in her actions.

In this story, Like Mother Like Daughter, family traits, just like family genes, are often passed down through generations. They can be viewed as negative or positive attributes, but Bobbie has a wonderful family who accepts and loves her for who she is, and appreciates how special she is.

You can order Like Mother Like Daughter from your local book stores or these fine book sellers:

Robert Byrne Kitchen

Robert Byrne Petstore
Robert Byrne Grandmas

As a special bonus included with this picture book is a link to printable pages that you can download and color yourself. (See below)